“Pitch Perfect” – Whether it’s an investor pitch, a pitch for a conference or competition – whether it’s 15 minutes – 5 minutes or even 2 – we will “get your story straight” – structuring the information about your venture in a manner that everyone will be able to understand and see the value in.

The “Steve Jobs” – Well, no black turtle neck – but learn the secrets of what makes a truly great presenter, and practice in front of me and my handycam until you are completely confident in telling the story that it flows like a conversation

Executive Summary – The send ahead that gets you in the door – you don’t have to tell the whole story – you want to grab their attention and get a meeting to tell the story. 1-2 pages is all it takes

Event Prep - Have a conference, competition or important investor meeting? In just a couple of sessions we can have you stage ready – great story, great delivery!